Incall & Outcall  


I do NOT offer 1hr dates

1 &1/2 hours......350.00
2 hours.............450.00
3 hours.............650.00
4 hours.............750.00



OUTCALL to your place is a MINIMUM of 2hours ( Before adding football specials).





Dinner & Lunch dates are welcomed & enjoyed OTC, when booking 2 hours or longer with me.

Extended dates of 12 hour or longer

available with advance notice starting at 2,500.00

 (a deposit will be required via paypal)


Incall & Outcall


I do NOT offer 1hr dates.

1 & 1/2 hours--300.00

2 hours----------400.00

3 hours-------- 600.00

4 hours-------- 700.00



Outcall TO YOUR PLACE is a MINIMUM of 2hours

(not including any football specials)



                                                                                       DONATIONS FOR THE HOMELESS

                                                                                                      PAY IT FORWARD!!

(ask me how you can donate)

Helping the homeless is something I'm very  passionate about.  I walk the walk on a daily basis.  And I make it a point to DO for the less fortunate.
As so much is always being done for those coming into our country, wherein, those less fortunate that are born & raised in America,  are forgotten. ESP our VETS!  Let's change that!

The homeless are people too!
They're your cross walk neighbor, that you pass every day.  They're a Vet, who sacrificed a lot serving our country. They're someone's mother, brother, father, child..etc.
 Add a little joy to their life in the simplest of ways. By donating something they need & can use/enjoy. 
And if they ask for money, by all means offer to by them a meal. Don't pass them by as if they're a nobody. They're someone's somebody!

A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

If your unable to help in donating the listed items below.  Then please consider a small donation through paypal so the needed listed items  below, can be purchased for them.
The smiles, and hugs and many Thank you's always makes my heart smile.


--------Items needed:---------

Dark T-shirts/sweatshirts/sweatpants (they said they feel ashamed wearing white)
(SIZES XL/1X/2X/4X-for men - small/med/lg-for women)

Socks,Underwear for both men & women(assorted sizes) WOMEN'S under garments in all sizes, are very much needed. 

shoes for men & women- 
Men sizes-8-13 ... women's sizes- 4-10

Neck pillows (easier for them to attach to their everyday carts/bags)

Hygiene items/ Travel sizes:  

toothbrush,toothpaste, body wash,
Foot Powder,Hair combs and brushes.

Rain Parkas & sweaters/jackets/ hats/gloves of any kind (men & women) 
Sleeping bags

Assorted sizes of backpacks/bags (they utilize them).

Small flashlights and batteries, (essential for the women's safety)

Bottled drinks for hydration

Insect Repellent,Sunscreen (very much needed)

If anyone could donate a roll of two of heavy duty plastic. And either rope/or bungee cords.
That would be ideal in cutting to size/handing out plastic to fit their  (shelter needs) and the cords/rope to allow them to secure items and plastic to their carts etc.

Give because you want to. Not because you expect something in return.




 IF my 2 teams WIN. Their WINING points will be turned into EXTRA TIME added  or Monies off your date donation.  MUST indicate upon booking.

otherwise you forfiet special. As you can't ask for it upon meeting!!







Take  31.00 off  your donation



Enjoy EXTRA 30 minutes added to your date