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Mar-2018 (BWI area)


8 - Really Hot /8 - Went the extra mile

Appearance 8 - Really Hot
Performance 8 - Went the extra mile
Attitude Fun and friendly
Atmosphere Welcoming

General Details:

I saw her ad on the site and she was my type, tall and curvy. To echo other reviewers in her screening she wants proof that you have been with women like her before she will accept your appointment. Luckily I have been with similar ladies so she accepted me. She only deals with email and you only get the details of the meeting place one day before. Non Vip's if you love a curvy sensual woman and don't mind some hoops to jump through, then this is the lady for you. Will repeat. Vip's read on

The Juicy Details: 

She has you call her number when you get to the hotel and gives you instructions on how to get to her room. I went in to find the door unlocked and walked in and gave her a big hug and LFK. Tall, busty, and curvy. We took care of the honorarium and headed back to her bed. We had some pleasant chit chat about our jobs. She was wearing a teddy that showed off her nice breasts. At that point both of our clothes came off and the fun began. Echoing other reviewers, to get the fun started she does have you touch and nibble her in very specific areas using your body. I have never seen someone turn so excited so quickly. She will give you instructions but listen to her, it is well worth it. After I got her aroused, I explored her body using her instructions. It was so erotic to turn her on so much. Finally I got down to give her some DATY. Her whole body shook as she got the big O in no time flat. After she cooled down a bit I asked if it was my turn and put me on my back. It was the best BBBJ I have ever had, lots of eye contact, spit and love of the entire area. She was edging me but I wanted to cum so she gave me a sloppy in a good way HJ to finish me off. She even mentioned after I was finished that I came like a fire hose. She was that good. After we cleaned off we had some more chit chat but I wanted to go back and do some more DATY. I have to admit I loved licking her pussy. Got her off a second time and wanted to fuck her. She gave me some more BBBJ then the cover came on. I did mish and she was grabbing my ears and nipples while talking dirty that I finished up without trying another position. Cleaned up again and I asked if greek was an option. She said yes and got her vibrator out to get her started. Unfortunately my boys couldn't get a third round in me but I was able to rub one out on her ass. One of the treats I will have to try with her next time. Hopped into the shower to clean up and said our goodbyes. Went a little over time but she did not rush me out. Fellas it is worth the hoops to see her. Now that I know what to expect, we will have a lot more fun. Will repeat.



Dec-2017 (DC area)


7 - Attractive /9 - Forgot it was a service




Aug-2017  (Mobile)


7 - Attractive /7 - Hot time



May-2017 (Richmond)


Appearance 8 - Really Hot
Performance 9 - Forgot it was a service
Attitude Totally awesome
Atmosphere Escellent

General Details: 

Was fortunate enough to be contacted by Angel when she knew she was returning to my area. Could not say yes fast enough! We had a connection from our first encounter that was truly reinforced this time. She is a very sensuous lady that truly knows how to please a man and have that man please her. she is the lady in the photos. She is one of my favorites and she should be on of yours, too. VIPs, read more.

The Juicy Details

Her instructions on how to find her room are very specific and there is nothing more exciting than to find the door unlocked and a lovely lady standing across the room from you with nothing but a smile on to greet you and get your ready for a truly wonderful experience. We greeted each other with a LFK that immediately led to caressing of each other and then to manual stimulation of each other's genital parts. Angel does enjoy having her entire body paid attention to and per her request, I had trimmed my beard and mustache to a very short length as well as not having shaved that morning. The sighs and encouragement you get as you rub your face against ALL of her skin is very stimulating. After an extended makeout session as I got disrobed led to some serious touching and kissing as we lay side beside on the bed. Oral was on the menu for both of us and she lets you know when you are doing it correctly with moans and encouragements as well as some severe bucking against your chin as she nears her O. Her skills are excellent in the BBBJ area and I had to ask for a time out so that I didn't get off too quickly. Mish, doggy and CG were moved through and then we got out the toys. She had brought her harness and various sized appendages that she let me select from for our pegging session. She found an extension I had brought and promptly placed it on the largest dildo she had brought and took me doggy style, mish style and then had me do Cowboy as she lay on the bed. All of this occured while she had the silver bullet tucked between the harness and her genitals. Having her inside me as I paid homage to her lovely breasts was too wonderful. We concluded with her doing me mish while giving my member oral and manual attention as I lay on my back. We went way over our two hours, but the clock was never looked at until I asked her when she had to be at work and she said not to worry. I will be looking for her next visit with great anticipation and anyone would be honored to have her spend time with them. She is the real deal!!!




8 - Really Hot /7 - Hot time


Nov-2016 (Mississippi)


6 - Nice /8 - Went the extra mile




7 - Attractive /8 - Went the extra mile




9 - Model material /10 - One in a lifetime





Little Chedder

Appearance 8 - Really Hot
Performance 10 - One in a lifetime
Attitude Awesome
Atmosphere Warm and Welcoming


General Details :

I started to correspond with Angel by email to get verified. I am not a member any of the verification services so I had to be verified by having her contact several providers that I had seen previously. She is very thorough and not only verifies you but makes sure that you like to see the type of provider she is similar to so that the date goes smoothly and that there are no disappointments by either party. She is very careful in all aspects of the date and only corresponds by email until the day of the date. If you look at and read about her on her personal website that is exactly what you will get. For me she was my ideal match, a tall, full bodied, natural woman. She was absolutely the hottest lady I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Angel took me to a level I have never before achieved and I highly recommend her!! VIPs, please read on.........

The Juicy Details:

I cannot really explain fully the effect that this woman had on me. Maybe it was the way that things started out for us at the hotel with me in the parking lot and her in her room. When I called her and told her that I was in the parking lot, she said that there was a maid outside the room vacuuming the hallway and that I should wait about 10 minutes and she would call me back. She did not want to raise any suspicion by the hotel staff and I appreciate that. Well, all of a sudden I felt like we were kids in high school planning to meet behind the bleachers to make out after school and did not want to get caught. It just felt naughty and I think that this helped add to the hotness of the situation. Once I got clearance to go to the room I entered and was met by a tall beautiful lady with an incredible body. She greeted me with a kiss and we sat and chatted for a bit before I headed to the shower(by myself) to clean up since I had been at work all day. Once out of the shower and wrapped in a towel, I joined her on the bed where we chatted some more before we moved very naturally to lfk and then dfk. With Angel everything during the entire date felt so natural, flowed so perfectly and nothing felt forced. The naturalness and hotness of the situation allowed me to achieve the Trifecta(3 pops) in slightly more than an hour. Since I usually have trouble getting 2 pops the thought of a 3rd one was beyond my wildest dreams. She has wonderfully soft lips and loves to kiss, just my type of lady! I had read from her website that she has a skin fetish and loves to have her skin brushed with a guys 5 o'clock shadow. With this in mind I did not shave that morning. During the session I brushed her in various places and she moaned softly and was obviously turned on by this. Everything with her is just so sensual. After the makout session she went down on me for an incredible BBBJ on the bed and then me moving to a standing position at the side of the bed with her on her back and her head hanging over the edge. That was fantastic and when I told her I wanted to titty fuck her she said stay there and I did it with her on the bed and me standing up. The allowed me to alternate between her beautiful breasts and her mouth easily. When I was ready to cum I put it in her mouth and she took the full load with ease. After cleaning me up from round #1 we laid on the bed and chatted for a bit before starting another hot makeout session and then she went downtown on me and the little guy was standing at attention quickly. Usually it takes me quiite a while to get going the second time around but not with her. This time I told her that I wanted to be inside of her and mounted her in the mish position. Usually it take me a long time to get off the second time but she has incredible vaginal muscle control and started flexing and I don't think that I lasted more than 3 or 4 minutes which was amazing and an incredible feeling. For me the next thing that happened was beyond belief and I still have a hard time(no pun intended) believing that it did. Upon completion of round 2 I rolled off and laid on my back for a minute then then she removed the condom. Before she got up to take it to the bathroom, she licked my chest and lightly sucked my nipple for no more than 5 or 10 seconds. It was as though I had been directly injected with a shot of viagra and I was as hard as a rock almost instantly. She stayed with me and finished me off with a BBBJ/HJ combo and a finish on her beautiful breasts. I was in awe of what had happened since I usually have trouble getting off 2 loads and have never done 3. I still think back to that in disbelief!! I cannot imagine that I will ever again have a date that comes close to the one I had with Angel. She is just so hot and we hit it off perfectly it seems. So to summarize the session in reverse order. 3 was by hand, 2 was by C(unt) the first one was in her mouth because that is where she wanted it to be!! Thank you so much for an incredible time Angel!!
Review: Mature Companion (/reviews/mature-companion-72212) TER ID: 72212




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