Have you ever....

had your manhood dipped in a nice red wine and her warm wet mouth slowly licks and sucks it off as she devours you?


Then your missing out on how wine can be oh so enjoyable!!


Favorite Ports-

Taylor Fladgate-10year old tawny port (VERY nice/not too heavy) , By far MY favorite
Fonseca Bin No. 27 Port (from Portugal) (good kick to it, with a good bite of Brandy)
Warres Warrior (special Reserve).


Pino Noir, Shiraz, Cabs, Blends (Australian, Argentinian, wines from California, Oregon, French,Chilean and South African wines) Always open to trying other  wines from different countries. (not fond of Merlot,White or Blush wines).
However, I do enjoy a German Riesling
One of my favorite red wines is any from the Louis Martini Winery.

One of my favorite CALIFORNIA wines is- Meiomi (Pinot Noir)

K Vintners Clifton Syrah 2007- Wahluke Slope Washington - Love it!
(notes of Cedar, huckleberry,cigar and kirsch)

Domaine Gilles Robin "Papillon" Syrah 08' Crozes -Hermitage, France

Another favorite is one I was introduced to & enjoy a great deal.
The Left Bank- South African wine

Italian wine:
Pian di Nova Toscana
My favorite white wine: Castello del Poggio Moscato
German Riesling - Blue bottle

I also enjoy wine that doesn't cost a lot and have unique names. 
Such as: Bitch, Wicked wine, Fat Bastard,
If you find a wine with a cool name and you'd like to bring it for us to try.
I'm game.  It doesn't have to be expensive.
I also realize some men don't enjoy wine. Rather beer or something stronger. I'm not a hard liquor type of woman. BUT, I do enjoy Stella beer (sorry Budweiser isn't for me). Your welcome to bring a drink of your choice if you if you're not a wine drinker.




           WINE   LOVER

Drinking wine is like enjoying sex.  You savor it!
I enjoy wine like I enjoy men. With a bite, full bodied and a hint of spice.
I want to feel the tannin's on the tip of my tongue and enjoy it as it trickles down my throat. 
Again, a lot like enjoying a man!!