MATURE INSATIABLE LADY FRIEND
I’m a Mature,  Tall, Statuesque, Curvaceous, Bright Blue Eyed
Brunette.  I’m  (Insatiable, Uninhibitedly Kinky at 51   Dec, 18th birthday girl)
I’m perfectly imperfect in my own beautiful way.
I’m every bit of a WOMAN for the mature respectful gentleman who wants to take his desires to another level & enjoy it all!
  Please take the time to peruse my site and make sure I’m the TYPE of  woman that you’d like to enjoy meeting.

                                                                            I’M NOT A WOMAN FOR EVERY MAN!!!


I have a full time traveling nursing career that takes me to various parts of the U.S. every month. (you’ll see me post sporadic pics of my hikes & beautiful mountains) along my routes to get me to & from my work destinations. 

When I choose to (enjoy this LS on the side, while traveling for work). It’s my time to ENJOY being a woman.  A woman who wants to enjoy the company of a mature respectful gentleman. Regardless of race, color, height or weight.  

Don’t limit yourself. I don’t.

I’m not shy. However, it’s understandable if you are.  Within the first minute. I’ll have you feeling like you’ve known me forever. I’m very personable, kind & down to earth. (don’t let my bluntness fool you. I’m not a complex woman. I’m a direct woman who knows what she wants & what she won’t tolerate. Outside of that.  I’m a passionate, kinky lover & Mistress for the naughty slutty men.)

You’re welcome to SPOIL me!! Beyond the KINK

I often get ask what’s my ideal vacation. (I wouldn’t know what a vacation is. I’ve not taken one in over 10yrs. I put my work & patients, before any time off. Especially during Covid.  I would love to visit for the 1st time: Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming & Alaska (I was born in a 6ft of snow in Chicago, So I love the snow) but above all else. I love the mountains.  I enjoy rugged trails under my feet. Rather than sand in my crack. 

(When given a moment to visit my longtime beautiful friend: RoxynotRoxanne: I’ll tolerate the sand. She’s that special to me.

I absolutely prefer the mountains over the beach. (Though I do love boating. Use to boat every weekend on Lake Michigan & Chesapeake & deep sea fishing in ClearWater, FL).

I’m an outdoorsy woman. When I’m not saving lives. (Hospice & Alzheimer’s are my specialty.).  When work doesn’t have my attention. Then you’ll find me hiking a rugged trail somewhere, planting a garden (I have a green thumb), camping & fishing and catching a football game. Or finding a sexy bearded man to take me for a Harley ride. Or a sexy rugged Cowboy to take me horseback riding.

I’m not your typical woman. Wining & dining is lovely.  I’ve enjoyed many dinner & lunch dates, out on the town, with my kinky male companions & with my beautiful female friends noted on my site. Good food. Good wine and wonderful friendships are a beautiful blessing.

But the simplelist things in life. Are more memorable to me.


These Beautiful ladies are my wonderful friends. Whom I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.
Be it with gentlemen dates or ladies just being ladies out on the town. (we have fun out on the town, at Blues Concerts, or just being freaky in the bedroom with a naughty man!)
These beauties reside in various areas of the US.
Treat yourself to a date with them or a double with me.
(be mindful of their date donations. When booking a double) see their websites.