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Helping the homeless is something I’m very  passionate about.  I walk the walk on a daily basis.  

And I make it a point to DO for the less fortunate.
The homeless are people too! They’re your cross walk neighbor, that you pass every day. 

They’re a Vet, who sacrificed a lot serving our country. They’re someone’s mother, brother, father, child..etc.
 Add a little joy to their life in the simplest of ways. By donating something they need & can use/enjoy. 
If they ask for money, by all means offer to by them a meal. Don’t pass them by as if they’re a nobody.

They’re someone’s somebody!

A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

The smiles, and hugs and many Thank you’s always makes my heart smile.


——–Items needed:———

Dark T-shirts/sweatshirts/sweatpants (they said they feel ashamed wearing white)
(SIZES XL/1X/2X/4X-for men – small/med/lg-for women)
Socks,Underwear for both men & women(assorted sizes) WOMEN’S under garments in all sizes, are very much needed. 
shoes for men & women- 
Men sizes-8-13 … women’s sizes- 4-10
Neck pillows (easier for them to attach to their everyday carts/bags)
Hygiene items/ Travel sizes:  
toothbrush,toothpaste, body wash,
Foot Powder,Hair combs and brushes.
Rain Parkas & sweaters/jackets/ hats/gloves of any kind (men & women) 
Sleeping bags
Assorted sizes of backpacks/bags (they utilize them).
Small flashlights and batteries, (essential for the women’s safety)
Bottled drinks for hydration
Insect Repellent,Sunscreen (very much needed)
heavy duty plastic. And either rope/or bungee cords.
That would be ideal in cutting to size/handing out plastic to fit their  (shelter needs)

and the cords/rope to allow them to secure items and plastic to their carts etc.


Give because you want to. Not because you expect something in return.