Uninhibited Pleasures: It’s time to unleash your kink 
I never discuss adult *content*. You can DISCREETLY indicate the fetish date you wish to enjoy.
To meet me is to understand how I choose to enjoy this lifestyle and those I meet. 
Understand: This lifestyle is about giving & receiving. Regardless if you’re booking a GFE or Fetish date. 
It’s never one sided unless I say it’s to be one sided. (mildly dominated men understand that!!)
I’m a RARE mature woman @50, in this Adult LS.  I don’t DO sessions. I ENJOY Dates.
NEVER use the words (session, services) when contacting me. 
Regardless how kinky we get or how whipped and sore you are.  It’s (never a session) unless you want to feel like a nobody.  Then I’ll be happy to oblige. But you better be able to move when I tell you, where I tell you.
I’m a woman, a lover, a passionate companion . This adult lifestyle is MY time to uninhibitedly ENJOY being a sensually adored woman with a man. 
If YOU’RE a guy who’s NOT about enjoying every part of a woman’s body. And you’re the type that just lays there. DO NOT book with me. Boring lazy men are not my type. 
  I’m a woman who KNOWS exactly what she wants to enjoy and with the right type of man! 
DON’T shave your face!!  I love facial hair on a man. My BODY loves the FEEL of your TOUCH, Your Facial hair on my skin.  So IF you’re enjoying a GFE date. Bring it!!
DISCREETLY INDICATE your fetish (when you book a FETISH date).
Fetishes are NOT enjoyed when you book a GFE date. (No exception)- you can talk about it. 
But you can’t partake unless you book a FETISH DATE
I don’t Role Play, NOT a SUB, nor do Outfit requests. (I’m not into scripting/faking my dates)
Nor do I enjoy *digits* inserted anywhere. *digits* do NOT turn me on. Never have. Never will. It’s beyond uncomfortable and a sure fire way to ruin the moment!!
Must book a Fetish Date to indulge in the following:
1:WATER SPORTS– give/receive (damn straight!  It’s fucking erotic as hell). To be enjoyed SPONTANEOUSLY. Never at a specific moment.
2:Greek or PEGGING-Strap on /male toys – No judgement/No shame)..BE Prepared & CLEAN. I ALWAYS am!
3:MILD DOMINATION (TO YOU) -CBT, SPANKING, RESTRAINTS/BLINDFOLD ETC (Only ON YOU) – I’M NOT A SUB.  I’m Never Dominated by any man! So don’t even try!!! I control the narrative BCD.  Alpha males need understand this!! If you try to dominate me in any way without my consent. Your date is voided and you will be asked to leave. (no excuses).
Whether it’s your 1st time meeting me or you’re a known date and it’s our 1st time partaking of (*mild domination* ) You must communicate exactly what you like or don’t. And then don’t retreat from it because you can’t take slight pain or being humiliated. Being a pussy is not acceptable! 
Understand- MILD domination is just that. I don’t offer hardcore domination unless we have a long standing relationship & you book a monthly date.
4: CBT– I DEFINITELY will use my HUMBLER and Scrotum Parachute on the naughty boys.
While they’re blindfolded, and spanked!!! Your Cock & Balls Belong to me!!
5: FOOT FETISH SLAVES!! (What’s your preference?  Pretty Pedicure or Stinky feet????) Paint my nails, Pamper my feet with a pedicure. Kiss & massage my feet.
6: CUCKHOLD– (Available when Booking Monthly extended dates- (Understand- Covid may put a hindrance on this for the time being.) 
I’m turned on by a Cuck Sitting in the corner, NOT touching himself until I SAY.  Watching & learning how I ENJOY being taken by another man in front of you!!  
7.MMF- or TS & You or M/F/TS-(Available when Booking MONTHLY extended date)  
If you’d like me to find you another male or TS that you’d like to enjoy alone or join in our date. I’m happy to oblige and or be your go between so you can.  Unleash YOUR Inhibitions and enjoy yourself!
 NO shame. No Judgement