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Check your spam box! I always respond! If you don't get a response from me. It's because you input an invalid/fake email.


Starting Jan, 2024, you'll be allowed 1 raincheck if you need to cancel. Cancelation notice MUST be given no less than 24hrs in advance of your booked date. If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice. You don't get a raincheck!  If you don't communicate that you're going to be a*few* minutes late for your date. Or you show up 30+ min late.  Your date is voided! I won't have my time taken for granted. 

Be respectful!  Follow through on the date you booked and COMMUNICATE! 

IF you're given a rain-check and you cancel on said rain-check date. You do not get to book another date unless you pre-pay again.

By submitting your booking request. You're agreeing to my requirements.