Older women are beautiful lovers


My photos depict a confident Tall busty, beautifully imperfect MATURE woman with solid curves! When I'm not caring for some of y'all's loved ones in various hospitals across the states. Then I'm in my happy place on a hiking trail! 

These are all photos of me. Exactly what I look like. I ain't skinny! I ain't a bbw. As one wonderful date put it  ("you're a beautiful big boned Amazon woman, MC") I wear that description, proudly.  I have zero wrinkles nor lines on my face. Beautifully all natural! I wear very lil makeup!!

These pics were (taken by me. With the exception of a few, Taken by my beautiful friend AngelicaBenz ) and NO I will not ever send face pics. You can see a glimpse of exactly what my beautiful wrinkle free face looks like via my pics. 

If you're into skinny women or the facade of fake perfection.Look elsewhere! 

You DO NOT have my permission to repost my photos anywhere on the net.