All dates are pre- paid (cashless) applies to everyone. 

Deposit= 1/2 donation day you book. Remaining donation required NO LESS than 36hrs prior to your date.  Absolutely No deposits /money accepted day of date nor in person. So book well in advance. If your date is NOT fully locked in 36hrs prior to your date. You FORFEIT the BOGO.   If you cancel your date before fully locking it in. You FORFEIT a raincheck & BOGO.  Applies to everyone. No one gets to skirt my requirements.  Too many are playing back & forth games.  Disrespecting my time.  As I always say. Read my website before booking!! 

Gpay/ Cashapp/ Venmo (ABSOLUTELY NO cash accepted in person) 

A mouthful!

Spring Fling BOGO 

Book 1 get 1 of exact date booked: 

Book by July 1st and enjoy your free date by December 1st, 2024 BOGO only valid when you follow through on the date you booked.

BOGO does NOT apply to doubles/ 3sum etc!!

Can book as many BOGO dates as you want. (Keep in mind they have to be enjoyed by December 1st) ONLY non- expiring monthly dates get rolled over into the next year.

BOGO also Applies to monthly dates. (They're valid until fully completed= non expiring)

2 hrs-GFE
3 hrs-GFE
Lunch & Dinner dates (included OTC)
4 hrs-GFE
Lunch & Dinner dates (included OTC)
3 hrs-Fetish
Lunch & Dinner dates (included OTC)
Includes Dinner date & Fetish
2 hour minimum, (Wife or GF MUST communicate with me. Before I'll agree to a couples date,)

A reminder:

Any specials that were had in 2023 do NOT roll over into 2024. 

If you cancelled a date in 2023, for whatever reason.

You do NOT get a raincheck to use in 2024. No exceptions.

The only dates from 2023 that get to roll over into 2024 are those that booked the extended monthly date options. 

 *EXTENDED* date options Don't expire until fully completed

 extended Monthly dates 

  • OPTION 1: Enjoy 6 (2hr) GFE dates- (no Fetish) Paid in full---------------------------------------- $1,500.00
  • OPTION 2: Enjoy 10 (3hr) GFE or Fetish dates- Paid in full-----------------------------------------$3,500.00
  • OPTION 3: Enjoy (3 months) unlimited (3hr or overnights) GFE or Fetish dates-Paid in full-------------$5000.00 (or Monthly Friends with Benefits) others can join us
  • OPTION 4: Enjoy (6months) unlimited (3hr or overnights) GFE or Fetish dates-Paid in full-------------$10,000.00 (or monthly Friends with Benefits) others can join us
  • OPTION 5: Enjoy (1 year)  Exclusive Friends with Benefits Paid in full---$30,000.00 



There are some men that were declined a date and chose to post fake reviews on certain hobby sites.  I have zero tolerance for that behavior and will start putting those specific men on the providers blacklist. Just because you're denied a date. For whatever reason. Doesn't give y'all the right to post fake reviews!!! Man up and accept when a woman says NO. She doesn't want to meet you!!

My Beautiful Friends: advance notice required when booking a doubles adventure.
Angelica Benz- doubles in the Richmond area 
Roxynotroxanne- Doubles in San Diego & Fort Lauderdale 
Alex Amore- doubles in the BWI area