Applies to everyone.

My requirements are simple & straightforward. Have been in place for years:

I anticipate that some won't like my requirements. However, they're in place for a reason.

Don't waste my time. I won't waste yours. I look forward to meeting you and having a fun filled enjoyment!!

Same day request is NEVER an option. 36hr advance notice required. (I'm a nurse and must plan well in advance around my work obligations). All date options are listed on the date page.

If you request same day. You'll be charged DOUBLE the donation!!!!  Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!

Madness, right???  Well how do you think I feel when you expect me to drop everything I'm doing to see you same day?? I'm a busy nurse. This lifestyle is MY enjoyment not my job!! Book in advance! 

Please communicate via discrete NON business Email / phone #. ABSOLUTELY NO WORK INFO! IF you call the DAY of your date. From a WORK #.  I will NOT answer!  Your date will then be immediately VOIDED!  

I'm very adamant about you using DISCREET email and # when contacting me.

Must provide the exact DISCREET (NON WORK) # YOU will call me from the day we meet. (I never call or text). Nor do I book dates over the phone or discuss BCD activities.

MAKE SURE YOU TYPE YOUR EMAIL CORRECTLY. Some are providing INVALID / fake emails which bounce back. (Thus why you won't receive my reply)

You MUST respond back WITHIN 2 HRS of booking a date. Not doing so. Gets your email BLOCKED and you void any chance of meeting me!  I've declined many and will continue to do so.  I have zero tolerance for my time being taken for granted!! 

Please Keep e-mails to a MINIMUM of 7.

I don’t need nor want 10 to 30 frivolous emails.


Book/lock it in/follow through (Applies to everyone)

(PRE-PAY- REQUIRED SAME DAY YOU BOOK. (Applies to everyone!) NO excuses.) Deposit= 1/2 donation day you book. Remaining donation required 224hrs prior to your date.  ABSOLUTELY NO monies accepted day of date nor ever in person! No exceptions!  No refunds!  Book well in advance.

I will NO longer set aside my precious time/day to anyone who hasn't locked in their date per my requirements! 

WHY prepay? Simple- Many MEN play too many games & waste companions time. I have zero tolerance for it. So do alot of ladies. Thus prepay. Or no meet.  My body. My time. My rules!

Arriving for a date.

Arrive ON TIME (not too early) . If you're going to be a *few* minutes late. Call or email to notify me, right away!  Do not delay.  Otherwise, if you show up late without communication. Your date is VOIDED!! No exceptions!  I won't be taken for granted. 20min late is the maximum!  It also eats into your date time. So keep this in mind!!  As some guys used traffic as an excuse for lateness. Until bcd they slipped up and stated they overslept or went to a ballgame. Etc  don't be that piss ant who takes my kindness and enjoyment for this lifestyle, as weakness;  ARRIVE on time! 

NEVER ever call me from a WORK phone. Never call me from the lobby. (call from the car)

BE DISCREET upon arrival & departure. This NO loud talking the moment you arrive. Discretion Discretion Discretion!!!! Ignore this and you'll immediately void your date and be asked to leave. 


Set up the prepay methods in advance (YES you can create discreet handles for said prepay options). Gpay/Venmo/Cashapp


(clarification- All dates booked are (cashless) have been for years..

(clarification- All dates booked are (cashless) have been for years.. I do NOT make exceptions.  My requirements have ALWAYS applied to everyone.

Don't be that piss ant who tries to tell me how he's going to go around my requirements and still meet me.  That alpha male behavior don't fly with this woman!!!

My body isn't a bowling ball: no fingers in any orifice of my body! (It's Not enjoyable at all) if you're adamant about sticking your fingers in something. I'll gladly help you find your ass to stick it in!!  Don't be that piss ant who runs and complains that Mature Companion wouldn't let me stick my raggedy germy fingers in her.  Boo hoo. Grow some balls and accept when women say no! Some things men force upon women are not enjoyable! Nor does every woman enjoy the same things.  When I say no. I mean no! So don't do it.

I don't role play! - I despise scripting a date. There's plenty women out there, who'll glady fake it for you. I'm not her.  

I don't do outfit requests.

I do mild domination. Not severe. (There's a difference.)

I will NEVER send out face pics nor any pics or vids!

You do NOT have my permission to post my pics or phone # anywhere on the Internet.